Every one of us grew up longing to feel seen, safe, and a sense of belonging. In reparenting, we become the nurturing parent our inner child always needed, and through this love, we heal.

Self-love is the greatest gift you can give your inner child.

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Heal Your Past 

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Heal the Past ... Change Your Life!

Break generational patterns, letting go of fear, shame, perfectionism, and codependence.

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and patterns rooted in your childhood experiences.

Learn strategies to give yourself all the love, respect, and dignity you deserved when you were young and bring these new skills to every relationship in your life.

Tame Your Triggers

Change Your Life

Join us and learn to overcome obstacles getting in the way of the deeply connected, meaningful, and self-expressed life you deserve! 

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Mom of 2

Lori, RY Member

"The insights and techniques I've learned from Generation Mindful's reparenting resources have been TRANSFORMATIVE. I feel less triggered and more confident setting boundaries. Thank you!!!"

"I'm so grateful for [Reparent Yourself]! I didn't want to pass on issues from my childhood to my own children and now I feel like I have the tools I need to break the cycle!" 

Ashley, RY Member

Mom of 4

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What if your capacity for self-love was key to your healing?

Because the past is not your identity, it's your curriculum. Join us and reclaim the LOVE you are.

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A new guest expert each day will share tools and inspiration to help you grow in self-awareness, self-love, acceptance, and relationship skills. 

Plus, by joining free today, you will gain access to BONUS resources including a Meditation on Self-Validation and deeply inspired Art by the talented and world-famous Regina Linke of "Oxherd Boy".