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What's In The Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle?

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Lifetime Access to 20 Interactive Courses, Guided Meditations, Healing Movement and Other Transformative Resources  

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Connection Through Color & Play

Eve Andry

Value $150

• 3 Guided art lessons to help you connect with your inner child.

• Express thoughts, feelings, and ideas via playful exploration.

• Learn to use art as a language.

A survivor of childhood trauma, Eve is a xicana artist, facilitator, and founder of Embody Create Heal, an organization that offers therapeutic art workshops.

The Love Yourself Bundle

Amy Camie

Value $100

• 2+ Hours of Healing Harp Music

• "Loving Life...All of It" E-Book

• Conscious Self-Care Webinar

Amy is a certified clinical musician, professional & therapeutic harpist, speaker, author, 2-time breast cancer thriver, and educator, with published research on how her music supports brainwave and immune system function, and reduces pain and anxiety levels.

Candice Cox, LCSW

CHAOS vs KHAOS Healing Toxic Parenting

Value $200

• A course helping you address and heal toxic parenting

• Learn the Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles (KHAOS) mindset

• Build coping skills & live beyond the labels holding you back

Candice is an author, speaker, and counselor celebrated for her work assisting individuals to reduce the impact of toxic stress in their lives.

Anu French, MD FAAP ABoIM

Building Healthier Communities through Healthier Kids

Value $200

Dr. French is an integrative pediatrician, artist, and musician sharing her journey of healing from burnout as well as the science behind using music and art as powerful healing tools to build intergenerational resilience.

• The Sacred Science of Music & Art Webinar

• Exclusive Sound Healing Music

• “I Am” Affirmative Art

Deirdre FayMSW

The Developmental Task of Becoming an Adult

With Attachment Basics!

Value $200

Deirdre is a world-renowned psychotherapist, author and educator, bringing together modern science with ancient wisdom to make sense of life's Transformational Journey.

• 7-part Online Course & E-Book

• Learn to release old patterns and discover your true self

• Guided resources to heal trauma and embody secure attachment

Rituals and Adventures for your Inner Child

Victoria Emanuela

Value $150

• An actionable, tender, and playful toolkit

• Nurture your relationship with your inner child

• Create sustainable self-connection and self-love.

Victoria is a passionate author, death doula, and explorer of mindful living, dying, and community care. Victoria works with inner child reparenting through radical self-empathy. 

Hala Khouri

Your Body is your GPS

Value $100

Hala is a yoga teacher & somatic therapist focused on the power of embodied practices to heal trauma in individuals & communities while addressing the the impact of social injustices in all of us, which she addresses in her book Peace from Anxiety (Shambhala).

• Learn about your brain and nervous system

• Tools to practice self-regulation

• Strengthen interoception skills

Julie Johnson, M.Ed, ATS, RYT 500

Reparenting with Reiki

Value $180

Julie uses her background as an educator, bodywork & curriculum designer on Integrate Network to synthesize embodied learning experiences that are inclusive to all types of humans.

• 22-Minute Learning Session

• Guided Reiki Meditation

• Self-soothing Reiki Hand Positions

• Downloadable Journal Prompts

The Essential Self Compassion Collection

Jason and Cecilia Hilkey

Value $197

• 10 in-depth interviews with parenting luminaries and leaders

• Learn key strategies for self-compassion

• Practical tools to raise resilient and connected kids

Cecilia and Jason are the founders of Happily Family, an organization supporting parents to create more connection in families. They serve +100K families every month.

Devon Kuntzman

Staying Calm in the Chaos Workshop

Value $50

Devon is the founder of Transforming Toddlerhood, helping thousands of caregivers overcome the challenges of toddlerhood using positive, respectful and developmentally appropriate parenting tools.

• 90-Minute Parenting Workshop

• 11-Page Workbook Resource

• Tame your triggers and learn to stay calm in the chaos!

Martha Maloney

Inner Child Meditation Series

Value $100

Martha is a positive parenting coach of 30+ years on a mission to eradicate guilt & shame, and enable adults to parent their children from a place of positivity and empowerment, without carrying the burden of past generations with them.

•  10 "Heal The Child Within" Meditations

• Learn to dialogue with your inner child to promote healing

Sally Miller

Nourishing Your Inner Child

Value $130

Sally is a meditation teacher and author with 20+ years experience helping students find deep rest even during stressful times and navigate their inner world in an embodied gentle way.

• Ayurvedic Cookbook with 50+ Stress Reducing Recipes

• 5 Guided Somatic Meditations

• Yin Yoga for Anxiety Class

Larissa Noto

Mindful Parenting Bundle

Value $30

Larissa is a former lawyer turned yoga professional specializing in trauma-informed & accessible yoga for all ages, teaching in head starts, elementary schools, universities and recovery centers across the nation.

• 4-Part Mindful Parenting Video Series

• ABC's of Mindful Parenting Guidebook

Leslie Priscilla

Criandome, Cuidandome: Reparenting Ourselves While Raising Our Children

Value $50

Leslie is the founder of Latinx Parenting, a bilingual organization for children's rights, social & racial justice, antiracism, nonviolence and reparenting, ancestral healing and decolonization.

• 90-Minute Reparenting Webinar

• Companion Guidebook

• Be the parent you wish you had

Dr. Micheal Ryce

Transforming Generational Patterns From Codependence To Interdependence

Value $100

Dr. Ryce is the founder & director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains, and a world renowned lecturer and teacher on health and healing, with doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and in Holistic Philosophy.

• Codependence to Interdependence Video

• Why Again? Video

• What Is The World? Video

Ashley Raju

Chakras and the Inner Child

Value $40

Ashley is the founder of the Maharani Movement, an organization helping individuals reclaim theirr authentic Brown selves & working to indigenise wellbeing using the chakra system and indigenous healing methods.

• 15-Page Chakra Guide & Ebook

• Learn a holistic framework of wellbeing and self-exploration

Asha Tarry

Adulting as a Millenial: A Guide to Everything Your Parents Didn't Teach You

Value $30

Asha Tarry is an author, award-winning community mental health advocate, psychotherapist and certified life coach, helping organizations and individuals thrive through mindful gratitude and mental fitness. 

• Audiobook guide for millennials who struggle with anxiety, imposter syndrome and mindful awareness.

Suzanne Tucker

The GENM Positive Parenting Program

Value $129

Founder of Generation Mindful, Suzanne is a PT, parent educator, and mom of 4. She shares her knowledge of positive parenting to millions all over the world through GENM, conferences, and more.

• 6-part online course, monthly live coaching, and community

• Learn to discipline without yelling, shame, pain, or blame

• Tame your parenting triggers 

Maja Watkins

Improv With Your Inner Child Webinar & E-Book

Value $120

Maja is an author, SEL specialist, comedian ,mother and creator of Social Emotional Improvisation, a method that uses improv games to teach social emotional skills.

• 45-Minute Virtual Improv Class

• Interactive Improv Play EBook

• Learn to be your most authentic, present, playful self!

Beautiful Chorus

BONUS! Meditations for Inner Peace

Beautiful Chorus is truly a divine chorus of women, dedicated to rhythmic, fun and loving music, resonance therapy, meditative bliss, and personal alignment.

• Collection of Healing Songs & Meditations 

• Sound Healing, Mantras, and Hymns of Spirit

Lifetime Access with Your One-Time $129 Purchase

Get The Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle Now

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Get The Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle Now

Lifetime Access with Your One-Time $129 Purchase

Get The Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle Now

Get Lifetime Access to 20+ Transformational Resources Today for Just $2150 $129

Get The Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle Now

Lifetime Access with Your One-Time $129 Purchase


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