We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have. Some children grow up in environments where their parents are unavailable, either physically or emotionally. These inner children need reparenting. 

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Break generational patterns, let go of perfectionism, transform codependent behavior.

Identify and overcome patterns in your reactions rooted in childhood experiences.

Learn strategies to give yourself (your inner child) all the love, respect, and dignity you deserved when you were young.

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Courtney T., RY Member

"The insights and techniques I've learned from Reparent Yourself are TRANSFORMATIVE. I feel less triggered in my relationships and confident setting boundaries. Thank you!!!"

"I'm so grateful for [Reparent Yourself]! I didn't want to pass on issues from my childhood to my own children and now I feel like I have the tools I need to break the cycle!" 

Libby S., RY Member

Mom of 2

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What if you're the one you've been waiting for?

Join us for the Reparent Yourself Online Summit where experts share tools for overcoming limiting beliefs and patterns from childhood that we may not even be conscious of today. Fifteen authors, therapists, MDs, yogis, parent experts, and social justice advocates provide tools for self-awareness, compassion, mindful living, self-care, and more to support us in healing the past and creating more joy in our present-day lives and relationships.